Real Estate Listing Makeovers by a Professional Photographer

I love before and after photos, photos that show how a kitchen makeover looked before and after for example. This is a before and after of my DIY kitchen makeover (note: my dog was not remodeled).

Seeing improvement, seeing something that is better than it was, seeing the potential that was there all the time is somehow very satisfying.

Below are comparisons between unprocessed (before) and processed by a pro real estate photographer (after).

Before: Ambient light photo with no post processing

After: Flash & ambient photos blended, color corrections

Before: Window blown out, foreground dark, dark TV, no fire in fireplace

After: Ambient - flash blend, window details, TV and fireplace enhancements

Before: Bland sky

After: Sky replacement and other refinements

The above before and after photos show how a professional real estate photography can do a visual makeover of a real estate listing. The difference is clear.

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