How Pro Photography Helps Sell Property

As a prospective home buyer I have looked at a lot (and I mean a LOT) of real estate listings. Many of them have photos that are sub par, some have very bad photos and some have photos made by a professional photographer.

So why should realtors use a professional to photograph a property they are listing?

The following are a few reasons:

Below is just one example that illustrates the difference between "snapshot" and a professionally produced real estate photograph.

Straight out of the camera can give results like this:

Real estate photo without the professional touch

In the hands of a professional real estate photographer (i.e. your's truly) the final photo below:

Real estate photo with the professional touch

The difference is clear.

If you are a realtor, hire a pro who can produce high quality photos of your listings. If you are selling your home, insist that your realtor hires a pro who can produce the same.

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