Photo Shoot Prep

To get the best results possible and present the property in the best possible light, some preparations are essential. Creating high quality imagery is a team effort.  Homeowners must be involved in the process to enable the  photograph to do their job. It really is important. The home needs to be clean and de-cluttered as much as possible. Below are some guide lines to follow in preparing a property for the real estate photo shoot.

Interior Staging

Following these guidelines will go a long way to ensuring the best results possible.

It may seem extreme to remove personal items like family photos, religious items & political items but the goal is to enable the prospective buy to envision themselves living in the property.

  • Make sure all light fixtures work properly

  • Avoid mixing light types (warm incandescent & cool LED)

  • Turn every single light ON

  • Closets, tidy with nicely hung clothing; floors cleared

  • Hide (out of sight): 

    • Trash cans

    • Cleaning supplies

    • Magazines

    • Books (unless in a bookshelf)

    • Coffeemakers (etc.)

    • Religious items

    • Political items

    • Tissue boxes

    • Broken decorations

    • Exposed power cords

  • Towels on towel bars

  • Add, or remove, artwork

  • Remove toilet covers

  • Clean all windows, glass, counters

  • Dust everything & remove cobwebs

  • Curtains, fresh looking

  • Open all window and door covers (let all the light in)

  • Refrigerator, free of magnets, kids’ drawings, fingerprints

  • Bedrooms tidy, beds made

  • Turn OFF

    • Ceiling fans

    • Computers screens

    • Televisions

Exterior Staging

Although some items can be remove in post-processing, If the need to do so is too extensive additional fees will need to be added to the price.

  • Prune trees, foliage

  • Hide (or out of sight): 

    • Trash cans

    • Toys (including in pool areas)

    • Garden tools 

    • Lawn equipment

    • Vehicles

  • All light fixtures work properly

  • Turn every single light ON (for twilight shoots)

  • Grass, freshly cut and raked

  • Clean, Swept, & Dry:

    • Driveways 

    • Sidewalks 

    • Patios & Decks

    • Staircases

  • Pool should have clean, clear water    

General Staging

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

- Benjamin Franklin

  • Vehicles

    • Driveways clear

    • No parking in front of home

  • Garage

    • No vehicles

    • Clean, de-cluttered

    • As much off floor as possible

  • Pets

    • Fish in clean tank, Ok

    • All other pets out of sight

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